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When you are ready to sell (or rent) your property, several documents are necessary:

  • Copy identity card of the seller: each person who owns the property
  • Property title: this document should be sent by the notary who did the act (usually you received it several months after the signature). If you don’t have, you could give us a copy of your ownership’s certificate given to you the day of the final sales agreement.
  • Expenses for building: sent by the condominium. This document presents all the fees you paid for the management of the building. It’s especially important for the future buyer.
  • Survey: REQUIRED. All the information provided by the survey is essential for the buyer (and tenant). The price will be different if it’s an apartment (depends on the size +/- 200 to 300 €) or a house (400-550 €).

We will find in the diagnosis:

  • Asbestos assessment report
  • Energetic performance diagnosis
  • Rules xylophages
  • Electricity diagnosis
  • Gas diagnosis
  • The risk state of lead exposure
  • State of natural and technologic risks

To help you, for sure, we can refer to you some surveyor.

In CANNES, there is a new diagnosis since 2019: the sewer system. Only one society, Veolia, is entitled to do this diagnosis. An employee comes to verify if all the wastewater from the private pipes is connected to the common pipes of the city. Cost: 165 €. This document is required for the sale and has to be attached at the latest for the final sales agreement.

  • Copy of the property tax: local tax collected once per year
  • All invoices concerning electricity, water, gas… : on signatures day, we will prepare for the buyer (or tenant) a summary of all the contracts he has to take for the management of the apartment. You won’t do any changing yourself, we will take care of this with the buyer.

Regarding the building, we will need some documents too:

  • Building rules and regulations (eventually all modifications edited)
  • 3 last meetings
  • Management report of the building
  • Diagnosis (communal areas)

Those documents are the most important at the beginning for us. Later, we will ask the property management company to give us other specific documents.

For example:

  • “ Pré état daté ” : Financial document, which informs the buyer, the day of the preliminary contract, about your financial situation (debts, credit..) between you and the management company. Usually, with your approval, we will ask for this document and send to the notary. (fee document, cost depends on the company)
  • “Etat daté” same as the previous but updated on the day of the final sales agreement. Directly requested by the notary. Since June 1 st 2020, this document is legally controlled, specially is cost: 380 €

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